Tesla Semi brings Pepsi to its first electric trucks

31 January 2024

The Tesla Semi trucks in collaboration with PepsiCo from December 2022

First unveiled as a prototype in 2017, yesterday 1st December 2022 the Tesla Semi trucks were delivered to Pepsi in Modesto, California.

Indeed, as a result of the greening project promoted by the CARB (California Air Resources Board), Pepsi decided to start using Tesla Semi’s as part of its freight vehicles by ordering 100 electric Tesla’s trucks.

Tesla Semi Trucks features

These semi-trailers are a class 8 with three separate motors. They cover a driving distance of 500 miles (805 kilometres) on a single charge with a full load of 82,000 pounds. One of the engine serves to drive the lorry mostly of the time. Whereas the other two are mainly employed for acceleration and severe dragging.

A further special feature of these completely electric vehicles?

The driver positioned in the middle of the cabin instead of on one side, making an uncommon arrangement.

Moreover, an additional source of bragging for Tesla is the performance of the trailers. They can go much faster than the conventional diesel-powered semi-trucks, even when fully charged.

In fact, during the presentation, the innovative automative company displayed a video of a fully laden Tesla Semi speeding up a steep incline and overtaking other trucks.

How will it be possible to load these vehicles?

With new ultra-fast battery chargers called ‘megawatts’ that will load the trucks quickly. They will be available from the moment Tesla’s “Cybertruck” pick-up goes on sale, so announced Elon Musk.

The Tesla Semi trucks in collaboration with PepsiCo from December 2022

The goal

This is all done with the goal of replacing the petrol and diesel vehicles with zero-emission ones. This will enable solar power as well, since the transport industry is considered one of the biggest producer of CO2.

For all these reasons, Tesla plans to develop 100 electric semi-trucks in 2022. In this way increasing the manufacturing to 50,000 pieces per year in 2024.

This would enhance human health and save many lives, besides reducing noise pollution for those living near motorways. According to a report form the American Lung Association this shift could prevent 67,000 premature deaths by 2050.

The whole thing is really exciting because it shows how much power Tesla has to change the transportation sector. Even the fact that a large brand as Pepsi has decided to implement an electric shipping mode is a great signal of what is going to happen in in the trucking industry.

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