Tesla’s Big News Highlights

29 January 2024

Tesla's Investor Day Highlights blog post

Just now Tesla announced huge news during their 2023 investor day. It was a long livestream with lots of items. You can find the full video here: https://youtu.be/Hl1zEzVUV7w

We’re currently working on this post as we go through all the information we’ve gotten during the livestream. So come back in a few hours to find more information!

The most important highlights are:

  1. The Tesla Cybertruck is coming this year
  2. Giga factory in Mexico

Other highlights of the investor day

  1. Tesla want to accelerate getting to a sustainable energy economy
  2. Tesla designed their factories as companies
  3. Changed from 12v to 48v
  4. Created software that spans the entire system
  5. greatly reduced costs over the year

These are the highlights in chronological order of the livestream:

1. Tesla want to accelerate getting to a sustainable energy economySustainable Energy Economy plan by Tesla

Their plan to eliminate fossil fuels:

      1. Renewably power the existing grid – Reduces 35% of fossil fuel use
      2. Switch to electric vehicles – Reduces 21% of fossil fuel use
      3. Switch to heat pumps – Reduces 22% of fossil fuel use
      4. High temp heat delivery & hydrogen – Reduces 17% of fossil fuel use
      5. Sustainably fuel planes & boats – Reduces 5% of fossil fuel use

We can be 100% sustainable by 2050 if we follow Tesla’s plan

2. Tesla’s Cybertruck is coming this yearTesla's Cyber Truck

Unlike the Model 3, the Cybertruck was designed around a vision that started with the manufacturing process. In this case the materials dictated the design as forming full hard stainless steel is very difficult.

It created a very dynamic and efficient design for the Cybertruck.

The footprint got a lot smaller as they don’t need all the machines other cars need to create the forms of the cars.

They have improved the assembly of the cybertruck which improves build time and efficiency, as well as lowered their foot print.


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