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About us

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Hello, my name is Wouter and my father’s name is Pim. We’re based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and send all of our products straight from our warehouse, so no dropshipping! My father is an entrepreneur and has another business besides Teslavie. I’m an entrepreneur in training and doing most of the work for Teslavie. So if you contact us for questions or feedback, chances are very high you will get a response from me. 🙂

The idea of Teslavie
My father got his Tesla Model 3 Long Range a few years back. He loved almost everything about it, but there was one thing he liked less; the lack of options in customization when ordering the car. And so one of the things he didn’t like was the wooden dashboard trim. He looked online to see if he could buy accessories. Tesla didn’t have the products he was looking for and neither did other car accessory webshops at home or abroad. As his passion for Tesla increased while driving The idea and mission for Teslavie was born: Being the #1 Tesla Accessories webshop for Europeans with quality products.

Read Pim’s story here.

The meaning of Teslavie 
We have a passion for Tesla cars and see it as a lifestyle. If you look closely at our name you will find a play on words that will show that. Before you read on – can you find it?

The play on word contains 2 parts with overlapping letters. The obvious one is of course ‘Tesla’. The other one is ‘La vie’ which is French for ‘Life’.

Tesla vie – Tesla life

Our product range
At the moment we have mostly accessories for the Tesla Model 3. The reason being that this model was the most popular and had the least customization options. This increased the amount of different kinds of accessories for the Model 3. We are currently seeing an increase in popularity for the other models, as well as the demand for accessories for these models.

“Your shop for Tesla Accessories and more”

About Teslavie

This site offers you the coolest aftermarket products for your Tesla, whether you’re looking to upgrade the looks or to use handy gadgets. We’ve got you covered!
NOTE: We are in no way associated or affiliated with Tesla.

CoC: 81094817
VAT: NL861926870B01

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CoC: 81094817
VAT: NL861926870B01

Pieter Braaijweg 203, 1114AJ Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, The Netherlands.

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