Tesla Model Y – Changes and updates list

01 August 2023

Tesla Model Y in New York

The Tesla Model Y is currently the latest model that Tesla started producing. It barely has any updates or changes at the moment, but you can find these changes and updates here in the future down below in chronological order. This data is provided by https://tesla-info.com/ and is our source for future updates and changes as we add these to the list. This list focuses mostly on hardware changes, but there are some Software updates mentioned in the list as ‘SW’. Detailed software changes can be found here.

Note that the list only lists contains actual changes made and does not include announcements.

List updated on 1st of August 2023.

Model Y starts shipping in the US.
Heat pump introduced on Model Y, offering more efficiency in car heating.
A new suspected deep sleep mode to preserve battery life when the car is being left. (SW 2020.12.5)
Autopilot now stops at red lights (SW 2020.12.6 – country specific). Early reports suggest it stops at red and green lights.
Side cameras when in reverse (SW 2020.26). The side cameras now appear beneath the rear camera when selecting reverse. These cameras point backwards and not down so they do not operate as a surround view type camera setup.
Wireless phone charger added together with USB C in the rear. (???)
Acceleration boost made available reducing 0-100 km/h from 4.8 to 4.3 seconds, very similar to the M3 Performance Boost that has been available for the LR for some time.
Improved security with the introduction of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).
Boombox feature added (the car needs to have the external speaker) and other tweaks as part of the end of year release.
Rear seat option introduced together with sliding second row. Heated steering wheel announced.
Tesla fits and starts to use the interior, driver facing camera (the cameras are thought to have been fitted for about a year but previously not used). Possibly also applies to the Model 3, but not the pre 2021 facelift MS and MX.
Tesla removes the radar from Fremont production built for the North America market from May, claiming they can move to a pure vision based system. Short term, some basic features such as Smart Summon and Emergency Lane Departure warnings may be disabled and some other features may have reduced performance or operating ranges.
Rumors of a HEPA filter being fitted. Still to be confirmed and we suspect if its being fitted to the MY it will also be fitted to the M3.
Subscription version of FSD now announced in the US. Up-to-date info can be found here.
Tesla introduces driver testing before allowing the deployment of the latest version of FSD.
Rear lights changed in Europe to include 2 reversing lights, one combined with a fog light.
A switch to hairpin windings on the motors. It’s possible that these have lower performance as the SR+ models have a significantly reduced 0-100 time with these motors and the new larger LFP battery.
Supercharging network being trialed in some countries with other makes of car.
A number of small changes including a new low voltage battery, a yet to be confirmed more laminated rear glass although it’s unclear if this is for sound insulation or safety, and a number of small tweaks to sensors and ancillary devices as a result of the new low voltage battery.
MCU3 based on the AMD Ryzen chipset first seen in the 2021 MS and MX have started to appear in cars, initially for the China market but becoming more widespread with 2022 in cars made in Fremont. China production also seems to be appearing with the Ryzen processor. The low voltage battery seems to be rolling out at the same time and may be linked.
A heated area of the windscreen to defrost the wipers. This is similar to the heated areas as part of the cold weather pack on the MS and MX.
Rear parcel being added to the car according to the user manual.
Texas MY production using the 4680 batteries begins with deliveries starting March 2022
A MY All Wheel Drive is being selectively offered to people close to the Texas factory. 270 mile range, 5s to 100km/h and assumed to be 4680 cells. This now also has the option for an acceleration boost to drop 0-100 km/h time to 4.2s.
Berlin Model Y Performance production using the same battery as seen in the China built Model Y.
Centre airbag has been added to the car plus extra rubber strips around the trunk lid.
Berlin starts to make Long Range AWD models instead of just Performance models.
The technical manuals and user experience suggests the Model Y suspension has been softened slightly mid year. User experience also reports the car seems to lean more in corners which would be an understandable consequence, but may make the car feel like it’s handling has got worse.

As part of the increasing use of Tesla Vision, the Model 3 and Model Y cars will not be fitted with Ultrasonic parking sensors from around October 2022 in most markets. The Model S and Model X models will also stop being produced with them in due course. It looks like cars with a 2023 VIN letter (P) signify the change, even when built as early as October 2022.

Normally Tesla start building the next years VIN year from mid November.

As part of the changes, small tweaks were made to the centre under body, rear under body and horn profile, although these are largely technical changes and do not change the car from an owners perspective.

A number of small technical changes including new brake rotor and pad manufacturer (possible just for Berlin production) and the side airbag changed to increase coverage. They also added an interior radar, possibly for the alarm system.
Tesla launches 2 new colours in late 2022 (2023 model year) for the Model Y built in Berlin. Quicksilver Paint (option code appears to be PN00) and Midnight Cherry Red (PR00) have been added to the configurator with start dates 4th and 7th of January 2023 respectively.
Tesla launches 2 new colours in late 2022 (2023 model year) for the Model Y built in Berlin. Quicksilver Paint (option code appears to be PN00) and Midnight Cherry Red (PR00) have been added to the configurator with start dates 4th and 7th of January 2023 respectively.
Small differences are being seen between production from different factories. The front seats in German built Model Y seem to be more support and higher quality. Some pictures have also appeared of a longer seat base on the rear seats for Model Y production for the China market (but this does not appear to extend to all China production).
Model Y suspension changes which result in a smoother ride. These are said to include an increase in top support stiffness and a reduction in spring rates.
Tesla starts to introduce cameras that can be physically wiped clean. The guidance previously was to only spray with water as contact could scratch the glass. We believe this is part of the HW4 update.
Berlin production of the MY RWD has the BYD 7C 60kWh LFP Structural Battery.
Original post: https://tesla-info.com/blog/tesla-model-history.php

SW is Software
HEPA is High Efficiency Particulate Air (filter)
FSD is Full Self-Driving
MFA is Multi-Factor Authentication

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