Turbine Wheel Covers | 18 Inch


The Uber Turbine Wheel Covers give your wheels that badass look of the new Uber Turbine Wheels that are on the newer Tesla cars.

Available with 2 colours:
– Matte Black
– Matte Dark Grey

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UberTurbine Wheel Covers for 18 inch wheels

If you’re looking to get the UberTurbine Wheel look for your Tesla, you’ve come to the right place. We offer great quality UberTurbine Wheel Covers for a fraction of the price you pay getting the actual wheels.

Tesla introduced the Uberturbine wheels quite a while ago and they look incredibly s3xy. Just look at the image..

Unfortunately you’d either have to buy a new Tesla Model 3 Performance, Y Performance or Model X. Or you’d have to buy a UberTurbine Wheel set from Tesla themselves. All of these options are very expensive in comparison to what we offer.

Here is why you should get our UberTurbine Wheel Covers.

  1. They look just as good as the actual wheels.
  2. Our UberTurbine Wheel Covers are way less expensive than their wheels. In fact, our covers cost you 3.800 EUR less than their cheapest set of UberTurbine wheels.
  3. The UberTurbine wheels are quite heavy, making them a worse option if you care about the range of your car. Our covers weigh comparably nothing and don’t reduce the range.
  4. They are very easy to install. You just click them on your wheels and you’re good to go. Want to change the look of your wheels again? They’re also easy to remove and store for later use.

So, instead of getting a complete new Tesla or new wheels, we’ve got the best alternative for you.

NOTE:  This product only fits the standard 18-inch wheels of Tesla cars

Looking for a way to store your old Aero Wheel Covers? Check out our Aero Wheel Covers Bag here!

Not sure how to install them? We filmed a YouTube Short where we install the Turbine Wheel Covers. Have a look at how easy it is!

What’s in the box

In the box you’ll find 4 Turbine Wheel Covers, one for each wheel and there is also tape to close the tiny gap between the wheel and the cover.

If you have any problems or concerns, contact us, or send as a DM on Instagram or Facebook.

Weight 7,4 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 39 cm

Matte Black, Matte Dark Grey


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