Tree Frog Model Pro 2 – Bike Carrier


The Tree Frog Model Pro 2 is a bike carrier that can carry 2 bikes or 1 electric bike (up to 40kg total).

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The Tree Frog Model Pro 2 double layer bicycle rack has the capacity to transport 2 bicycles (up to 40kg). The double-layer Pro 2 polycarbonate deck includes 4 Tree Frog suction cups, each rated for 110kg, 2 fork adapters and 2 toothed belt suction cups to hold the rear wheels. The 9-15x100mm universal fork adapter securely holds a standard 9mm quick release fork or a 15x100mm fork (our Boost spacer allows you to hold a 15x110mm mountain bike. No need to replace the fork adapters.

Vacuum cups with a diameter of 15 cm are used, which are also used when installing windows. The cups can withstand a force of more than 110 kg. The installation is very easy, just clean the place where you want to place this Tree Frog with the supplied soft micro-fibre cloth. Place the cup, pump the air out using the pump until the white part of the pump is no longer visible. And now it is ready for use!

The Tree Frog Model Pro 2 has an innovative solution to transport your goods on the roof of your car and can be mounted on metal and glass, so it is practically on any vehicle.

The Tree Frog products have been extensively tested and can easily reach 120 km/h. The Pro series has a TÜV test.

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