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A Model Y Performance look, without the pricetag! And in 7 different colours!

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Tesla Model Y Performance Spoiler

The Tesla Model Y Performance Spoiler is perfect on any Tesla Model Y that has not one already. This spoiler gives you Model Y a perfect and sporty appearance and is available in different colors two match your cars color. A Performance model look without the price tag 🙂

The spoilers have double adhesive 3M tape that firmly sticks it to the back of the trunk.

Installation guide

Below you’ll find a tips, the installation steps and a video of us installing the spoiler for a customer on a Tesla Model 3. You follow the same steps for installing the Performance Spoiler for Tesla Model Y. Please read through the guide carefully.

How-to video


– Install the spoiler before bedtime, so the spoiler can adhere to the car during night.
– Do not install this if your car is outside and it is going to rain in the hours after installation.
– Use tape that doesn’t damage the car’s paint.

The installation

1. You’ll need to clean the back of the car thoroughly. You can do this by washing the car with soap or use a warm, damp cloth. Either way, be sure the back of the car is as clean as can be.

You see us use a damp cloth and silicon wax remover. Silicon wax remover is recommended, but optional.

DO NOT use anything that contains wax to clean the car, like certain car shampoo.
DO NOT use the supplied alcohol wipe in this step. We use this wipe in step 5.

2. Place the spoiler, with the red tape still on in the inside, on the car. Measure the ends of the spoiler to the edges of the trunk and make sure the spoiler is sitting perfectly in the middle.

3. Once placed and aligned, cut 2 short pieces of tape. Place 1 piece in the middle of the spoiler and the other on the car, making a perfect straight line.

4. Use tape to temporarily hold the spoiler in position and then place tape on the car, around the ends of the spoiler. You want to do this to have more of a reference and guideline when installing the spoiler in the next step.

* You see us use quite a bit of tape. This is not necessary. You can use as much as you feel is needed.

5. Remove the tape holding the spoiler in place and the spoiler itself. Use an alcohol clean wipe to clean the area where the spoiler is going to be place. Clean thoroughly!

6. Remove the red tape from the spoiler and place one end in the right corner. Use the tape on that car to make sure it is placed in the proper spot. Then slowly place and push the spoiler onto the car, moving from the starting corner towards the other corner. Do it slowly and carefully. Use pressure when applying a new section of the spoiler onto the car. After the spoiler is placed, pressure few centimeters at a time again.

* We removed the bottom red tape and loosened up the upper red tape a little by little. You could do the same with the bottom red tape or just remove all the red tape before starting the installation. Do whatever feels right or comfortable for you.

7. OPTIONAL Heat a section of the spoiler with a heatgun or hairdryer. Then push and hold that area for ~20 seconds while it’s cooling down. Do this for the whole spoiler. The adhesive will soften a bit, but will work faster and better!

DO NOT heat it too much or you might damage the spoiler and/or paint of the car. We only need to heat the surface and spoiler a bit. Don’t need to grill or fry an egg on it.

* We used a heatgun, but the hairdryer of your daughter, girlfriend or wife will also do! 😉

8. The installation is done, but the adhesive needs time to adhere properly to the car. We do not show this in this video, but you need to place tape on the spoiler and car to keep the pressure on. Keep the pressure high with a lot of tape around on the ends of the spoiler and use a decent amount in multiple place in the middle. We recommend to leave this on for at east 10-12 hours.

If you have any problems or concerns, contact us, or send as a DM on Instagram or Facebook.

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Dimensions 125 × 28 × 4 cm

Bright Black, Matte Black, Glossy Carbon Fibre (print), Matte Carbon Fibre (print), Blue, Red, White, Real Carbon Fiber Matte, Real Carbon Fiber Glossy


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