The start of Teslavie

29 August 2022

Story about the beginning of Teslavie

The official start of Teslavie was in December of 2020 when we registered at the Dutch chamber of Commerce. We then built the website and finished it 5 months later in April of 2021, with our first sales soon after. Now we sell our products to happy customers throughout whole of Europe.

But the road to the business we now have, started long before..

The introduction of the Tesla Roadster in 2008, made driving an electric car attractive with its long range, fast acceleration and zero carbon dioxide emission. I got intrigued by the energy supply chain efficiencies from production, transport to consumption.

Our internal combustion engine (ICE) cars are one of the largest consumers of energy and polluters in our environment. They are terrible when it comes to energy efficiency. Over 70% of the energy gets wasted into noise, heat and gas emission like carbon dioxide. When Tesla came to market with the affordable Model 3, I decided to make the switch from ICE to electric.

I did not only get a very energy-efficient car. It’s sporty with a beautiful design, great road handling, very fast acceleration, auto pilot and regularly updated software features. Also important; the Tesla Model 3 saves a lot of money on energy and tested as the safest car on the market according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

I drive a Tesla Model 3 long range (75 kWh), dual motor all-wheel drive, black interior and  Aero 18 inch wheels. I chose the solid black color and wrapped it in 3M Matte Dark Grey and dechromed. The front and back trunk logos are wrapped in 3M Dragon Fire Red wrap.

My passion for Tesla increased while driving it. I decided to translate this passion in this online store filled with cool aftermarket products for Tesla cars.

Pim Sonépouse, Entrepreneur.

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About Teslavie

This site offers you the coolest aftermarket products for your Tesla, whether you’re looking to upgrade the looks or to use handy gadgets. We’ve got you covered!
NOTE: We are in no way associated or affiliated with Tesla.

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CoC: 81094817
VAT: NL861926870B01

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