Universal Car Rack Pads


Our Universal Car Rack Pads offer convenience, innovation, and protection to elevate your adventures.

Effortless, secure gear transport for canoes, kayaks & surfboards with the t-locks or rectangle brackets.

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Universal Car Rack Pads: your adventure essential

Elevate your journeys with our innovative Universal Car Rack Pads, designed for effortless transportation of canoes, kayaks, and surfboards. These adaptable pads are secured by T-Lock or rectangle frame bracket.

This promises security, semplicity and unmatched peace of mind.

Tailored Adaptability

Experience a new level of convenience with our customizable rubber pads. Crafted to match your gear’s contours, they ensure a stable and worry-free travel experience.

Whether your equipment boasts sleek curves or sharp edges, the pads effortlessly conform to their contours, eliminating any concerns of wobbling or shifting during travel.

T-Lock and Rectangle Frames Bracket

The T-Lock mechanism is a game-changer for swift and secure fastening. Resembling the shape of a T, this attachment ensures a snug connection between the rubber pads and the roof racks, leaving no room for play or instability.

Alternatively, for larger equipment or those who prefer a broader support base, the rectangle frame bracket offers stability and versatility. Its wider surface area accommodates a range of watercraft shapes.

Protection and Ease Combined

Our pads are constructed from durable, weather-resistant rubber that not only provides a secure grip on your gear, but also shields it from scratches and damage during transportation.

Paired with adjustable quick-release straps, your watercraft stays secure and protected.

Sustainability approach to Adventure

Embrace sustainability with our eco-friendly design that minimises waste. The lasting rubber pads reduce plastic and metal components, contributing to the preservation of our natural environment.

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