Under Screen Storage


Under Screen Storage Solutions for Tesla Model 3 & Y

Tesla’s Model 3 and Y boast stunning interiors, but storage space can be limited. Thankfully, under screen storage offers a clever solution.

Under screen storage utilizes the unused space beneath the central touchscreen. These aftermarket add-ons, typically made from ABS plastic, create a designated spot for frequently used items like sunglasses, phones, wallets, and charging cables. This keeps your console clutter-free and makes finding things while driving easier.

Loose items become a problem of the past with under screen storage. They won’t roll around during maneuvers, improving aesthetics and preventing them from jamming controls or becoming projectiles. This added space is especially valuable for those who travel with passengers frequently. Backseat riders can easily access their belongings stored under the screen.

Some under screen storage units even offer additional features like anti-slip mats and compartments for smaller accessories.

NOTE: The Storage box for the model 3 and Y contain a back screen plate for storing sun glasses, parkig permits etc. However this part is not compatible with Tesla Miodel 3 Highland since it has another dash board.

When choosing under screen storage, ensure the ABS plastic is high-quality and feels sturdy. Look for units that fit snugly without impeding the touchscreen or phone charging.

Incorporating under screen storage into your Tesla is a simple yet effective way to maximize console space, improve organization, and keep your belongings within easy reach. Declutter your console and enhance your driving experience with this ingenious storage solution.

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