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Qi Wireless Smartphone Charger for the Tesla Model 3

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Wireless Mobile Phone Charger for Model 3

The Qi Wireless mobile phone charger is compatible will all Tesla model 3 up until 2019. The charger has place for up to 2 Qi compatible mobile phones at the same time and charges at speeds of 5, 7.5, and 10 Watt (depending on what your phone can handle). The USB cable simply connects in the USB-port of the center storage room of the Model 3.

Before you buy this product make sure your cell phone is Qi compatible.

A bit about the Charging speed

The charging speed of the Qi wireless charger is depending on different factors like the max current from the USB-port, type and model of phone, protective case used or not, charging level of the batteries. An almost empty battery will charge faster dan an almost full battery (triple mode)

I performed two tests with my iPhone 12 Pro: one without a case and one with a silicon case from Apple.

teslavie qi wirelss charger speeds

For testing the Teslavie Qi wireless charging pad I used the Ampere app available on Apple store and tested with and without case.

With case the app measured a current of just over 300 mAmperes. At 5 volts of the USB port this is about 1.5 watt

Without case the app measured a current of around 840 mAmpes.  At 5 volt of the USB port this would result in over 4 watt

That is still less than the 1.4 amperes at 5 volts being 7 watts. But there is an explanation: wireless charging is less efficient than wired charging due to the distant inductive charging (ie no physical contact likes wired). The inefficiency can be as much as 30%. So this comes close to charge rate I measured without the case.

Charging the wireless Qi charging pads might be slower than wireless alternatives. But see it from the bright side; faster charging degenerates your batteries quicker than slower charging. So not handy for super fast charging but very useful in most cases.

If you have any problems or concerns, contact us, or send as a DM on Instagram or Facebook.

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